Proved to be the best "short-stop" on the team.  She loved tennis balls and playing catch.  She spent most of days with a tennis ball in her mouth.  Sophie has lived a happy and healthy life - always trying out the newest and best foods on the market.  At 12 years old - her current favorites are Fromm Pork & Applesauce for breakfast - and Stella & Chewy's Duck, Duck, Goose and/or ZiwiPeak Venison for dinner.


Is the newest additional to our family.  He is energetic and full of life.  He is 14 weeks old and loves to chew, chew, chew - thankfully we have the best puppy chew toys to keep him occupied and interested - so he does not get into trouble!  Currently Lucky loves Fromm Pork & Applesauce - and cannot wait to be introduced to other foods as he grows up!

About The Dashing Dog Store


About Us


He was the inspiration for us opening The Dashing Dog Store in 2011.  Trevor was born September 9th, 1999.  He was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease when he was 3 years old.  Through learning about how foods can have a direct effect on a dogs well-being - we were able to keep Trevor healthy and happy.  Dramatically helping him keep his disease in remission for many years. Trevor recently passed away just before his 14th birthday.  He will always be the soul behind The Dashing Dog Store - and the love of our lives.

We are dog lovers.  Over the years we have learned through experiences from our own dogs about how important feeding quality, wholesome dog food - can not only make your dogs coat and skin look better - but also help keep them healthy and ward off disease and medical issues that can arise.  Of course - having two dogs - we also have found the best toys and accessories available!